Friday, March 7, 2014


I am having a hard time with Taylor right now. It seems like he takes a step forward with making good choices and then takes two back. I am mostly referring to the homework/school work situation. He really struggles with math so he is supposed to come home, give it his best shot, and then my husband (because I suck at math) checks it when he gets home. Sometimes Bryan gets frustrated because he doesnt feel like Taylor is giving him the best effort. It seems sometimes it is more Bryan doing the homework and Taylor watching and listening how to do it. Sometimes there are lots of tears and it is so frustrating.

One of the first things I ask when I get home from work is has everyones homework been finished. Claire usually does and will have the occasional math problem she needs Bryan to go over with her. Sadly, both kids got my poor math skills. Taylor yesterday said he had finished his math homework and just needed Dad to check it. He went on to play his video games and I continued with my evening chores and getting dinner prepared.

At 8:30 last night, 30 minutes before his bedtime he shows up at the kitchen table explaining he has science homework. I was so mad because he had all evening but chose to play instead of being responsible. Technically he should have done it after he finished with math but was too interested in those video games.

Anyway, I was so mad I told him no. You go and get ready for bed becuase you had all evening to work on this but you chose to put your video games first. Please know we have gone over this over and over and have taken his electronics away becuase of his low grades or choosing not to do homework.

I sent him to school this morning with nothing done on his science homework which means he will get a big fat zero. It was so hard for me. Taylor is a Momma's Boy and I know I tend to baby him. I really wanted to help him finish it this morning but Bryan wants him to learn. He wants him to be responsible and learn from his mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I want him to as well but it is just so hard for me. He will be 12 in just a few weeks but he holds a special place in my heart with being a preemie, almost losing him, and then of course the battle of c.p.

Parenting is hard work folks.

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