Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Damaged Jeans & Elbows

I know there comes a time in every parent's lives where they want to beat another little kids ass for doing something to your child. These past few days I feel like the good Lord is testing my patience with putting me in these situations.

Saturday my daughter comes in half laughing as she points to her jeans which are sporting two black letters on one of the legs. After seeing my face, the smile completely disappears and is replaced with large eyes shimmering with fear.

Me: What is that?

Claire: Oh, well see I was over at that house where they were having a garage sale and my friends held me down and wrote on me.

Me: Your friends held you to the ground and wrote on your jeans??

Claire: Well, I mean..uhhh..they didn't like hold me down they just wrote on me and I couldn't get up.

Me: What the hell Claire? Those are brand new jeans! Did you think I would find this funny??

Claire: "Crying"

So I stripped her and washed the pants 3 times, soaked them, tried spot treating, but nothing was bringing out the permanent ink. I informed her to let her "friends" know that if this didn't come out, I expected for their parents to buy her another pair of jeans.

When Bryan got up (he works nights these days) I explained to him what happened. He asked that I call Claire inside so he could speak with her. When she came in he immediately pretended like he was worried, asking her if he was alright and did she have any ouchies? I saw her looking at him while those little wheels turned in her head, confused because she expected him to be reprimanding her, not coddling. She let a small smile show and told her Dad that no she was fine. He continued with how he just knew she must be hurt in some way if her friends were holding her down and writing on her. Busted. She immediately started crab walking with that whole story, especially when Bryan and she went to the neighbors home and saw these 2 little girls who were maybe 2 and 3?

The big issue with all of that is the way their mother behaved. She didn't speak English so although Bryan never raised his voice, she acted as though he had, flailing her arms around and continually lurching the wet jeans at my daughter. We had to ask another little neighbor girl to be a go between and though she changed her story many times, "let me wash them, I will get it out" to "we will just buy new jeans" before Bryan politely told her that he really just wanted her to know that her daughter was writing on people and that we also believed our daughter was just as much as fault seeing as how she could have gotten up or told these two no. I did my best to stay calm but when she is pointing fingers and rudely speaking to my daughter, I wanted to slap her with those wet jeans.

Then yesterday Claire comes running inside holding her arm with blood dripping off of her elbow. Long story short, a little boy that she plays with quite often pushed her ass to the ground because he didn't want her on his driveway. Again, the Momma Bear gene in my raised it's ugly head and I was about to storm out the door and show him how to get off of MY drive way. But of course I didn't, I stayed and cleaned her up while Bryan went and dealt with the hoodlum. I know kids are going to fight but my goodness, for a boy to shove a girl THAT hard. He is also the one on our street who finds it amusing to throw rocks at other kids and animals. Grrrrr.


Hol and J said...

Oh my. I can hardly wait until J and I are faced with those situations. (Only kidding.)

Having children will be great. Letting them experience life while wanting to protect them at the same time, seems like such a difficult and exhausting thing.

I don't blame your "Momma Bear" instincts from coming out. I'm pretty sure mine will too when that time comes.

China said...

I know that momma bear feeling very well. My DH sometimes has to hold me back, too.

juliet said...

It's a hard line to walk, not being insane yet not being deliquent in protecting your child. I tend to protect less and I only hope that when I should step up and let the sicilian gene out, I'll "just know".