Monday, January 19, 2009

Garage Sale

Yesterday was our house cleaning day, throughout the week we pickup the living room or maybe run the vacuum but we really save it all for Sunday which for our family is known as "Chore Day". Bryan said that since the weather was warming up he was going to tackle the task of cleaning out the garage and asked Claire if she would like to help him. To my surprise she said yes but then realized that she had a plan all along. She hoped that we would say yes to her having a garage sale with things we no longer used or had outgrown. I didn't have a problem with it and after some begging Bryan finally broke down and said yes as well.

Most of the things being sold I advised her to sell for around a buck but the scooter and the bike she was too big for we thought 10 dollars a piece was a reasonable price. As I was getting a load of wash out of the dryer Claire came running to me, jumping up and down because she had just had her first sell. A neighbor had purchased the scooter and a couple of other things for 3 dollars.

Me: You only sold the scooter for 1 dollar?

Claire: Yes, I didn't want to ask for more because I was afraid it would be too much and then he wouldn't buy it.

Me: Well, whatever ~ I mean we were not using it so I suppose you got something for it.

So she runs inside to tell Bryan and of course he wasn't too thrilled. She comes back out to me saying that Daddy is upset with her for selling it for a dollar. I told her not to worry and she said that the neighbor had to go and get some cash to pay her. Claire goes back to her garage sale and Bryan comes to me to ask if I knew she only sold that scooter for a dollar??? I told him the same thing I told her, it isn't a big deal.

A few minutes later Claire comes inside proudly waving a ten dollar bill.

Me: Where'd you get the from?

Claire: The guy came back to pay me for the scooter and stuff and he said do you have change and I said no, I don't do change because that would be too hard for me. So he just told me to keep it.

I smiled at Bryan. That girl knows what she is doing after all.

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Laura said...

Im glad youre back!