Monday, August 13, 2007


I hope that everyone had a swell weekend, mine was good but a tad bit hectic. Saturday my aunt, myself, and my BFF Sheila had a garage sale at my aunt's house in the 105 degree weather. Nice. It was totally worth it though because I made myself a little bit of money and with Claire's birthday party this Saturday we can so use it. I found it funny sitting there in my lawn chair how these people were willing to pay for my "trash". After it was over, we loaded everything leftover up and took it to Goodwill. Saturday seemed like the longest day of my life and I am pretty sure I lost 5 pounds sitting out there in the Texas heat sweating my ass of.

Yesterday Bryan took the kids to the swimming pool while I cleaned house and washed clothes. I managed to slip in a movie as well, Because I Told You So. A total chick flick and I really enjoyed it. Last night as we sat down for dinner, the electricity went out. Bryan looks at me and asks if I remembered to pay the bill, which I had but called Reliant anyway just to make sure everything was a-ok with our account. After sitting on hold in the heat for a couple of hours, I confirmed it was not issues on their part so we called our landlord. I took the kids over to my aunts just in case it wasn't coming back on.

It turned out the breaker broke or something like that because it was as old as the house. The kicker was the landlord and electrician decided to rig it for the evening and would be back out the next day to repair it. I started to freak thinking how this had to be a fire hazard but the so called electrician assured us it wasn't. Needless to say, I slept maybe 4 hours last night. I could not relax and every little noise I just knew was my house catching on fire.

Thank goodness the house is still standing and we are all safe this Monday morning ~ just very tired.


Stephanie said...


You sound like you need it!

Coffee Slut said...

One man's trash is another man's treasure ....I absolutely love garage sales, having them AND picking over other peoples!
Hope you got to have a nap today to make up for your lost sleep!

Ann(ie) said...

Oh sweetie.....I'm sending the hugs, too. But, since I've been slacking in the blog reading dept. this week they are just a little late.

I loved that movie, too!! I adore anything with Diane Keaton and/or Lauren Graham.