Friday, August 24, 2007

Life's Little Surprises

After my last post, I am sure everyone got the drift that we were climbing a financial mountain that we just couldn't seem to find the top. This morning, Bryan took the kids to meet their new teachers for the school year. Bryan was reminded again that we still needed to fork over 100.00 bucks to get the needed school supplies.

He called me before dropping the kids off at daycare and in a defeated tone, said he would be calling his parents to see if maybe he could borrow the money. You can imagine my surprise when he called back 10 minutes later practically in tears from joy. It turns out his Grandma is giving us a "gift" of 1000.00 dollars. Seems her stocks have been doing well and she wanted to help our little family out!

Thank you Baby Jesus!! Or should I say, Thank You Grandma Daisey!!!


Ann(ie) said...

Right on. Grandma's rule. xo.

Special K ~Toni said...

That is fabulous! Yay G-mom!