Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conversations from C & T

After I met the kids at the bus stop, I asked them like any parent how their first day of school went and what Taylor thought of riding the big kids bus.

Taylor's response:

"It was a nice ride Momma."


Later that evening, I made fish sticks and macaroni cheese for dinner. As I was doling out the ketchup, thinking to myself I should so be a cafeteria worker, I overheard this conversation between my two. Now you have to know that Taylor despises vegetables, the word alone makes the boy cringe. And every nite before supper, he will ask us to please not give him any vegetables or eye his food warily asking if there might be vegetables hiding in something on his plate.

Taylor: What's in these fish sticks? (as he peers into the lil' stick after taking a bite)

Claire: (with a huge evil grin on her face) Vegetables!

Taylor: Nu uh! Momma, what is in these?

Me: Fish Taylor

Claire: Ooooh, you're eating fish. (all sing songy like na~na~boo~boo)

Me: They're just fish sticks - eat and be merry.

Taylor: See Twaire (Claire), theres just fish and sticks in here!


Phoenix said...

Their so cute. I used to get at my brother like that too, just cause I could.

Hol&J said...

Cute! I'm pretty sure my sister use to do stuff like that to me.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

My poor younger child. No hope for her. None!