Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vicks VaporRub

So a friend of mine sent an email the other day with this little helpful solution for us mommies. According to the email, if you take a little of the Vicks VaporRub and smear some on their little feet and then put socks on - it supposed to help suppress their coughs! Has anyone ever tried this before? Did it work?? I am defiantly going to give it a shot the next time one of my monsters are hacking up a lung.

Another thing going on right now in my world (and I am sure pretty much everyone else's in Houston) is my crazy ass sinuses. I have been having to use nose crack (Afrin) at night to be able to breathe so I can get some much needed rest. I thought about spreading some rub under my nose but then doesn't it get all over your pillow and face??


We had to call the water company out to our place because there was something seriously wrong with our water. It looked like pee and smelled like ass. I had brought this to hubby's attention a week ago but he thought I was just crying wolf - as I tend to complain alot (so he says).

Me a week ago: Honey, there is something wrong with the water, it smells.
Bryan: It's fine. I bought you some of the bottled water you asked for.
Me: What the hell, am I supposed to take a bath in it too?

Claire Saturday afternoon: Dad somebody peed in my water!
Bryan: Hmm, it does look sorta yellow.
Claire: It stinks in here too daddy.

Bryan puts a call into the water company.


Shauna said...

I'd never heard of the Vicks Vaporub tactic... But I'll check back and see if others think it works!!

Stephanie said...

Dang!! I'm a nurse, and I've never heard of the Vicks on the feet thing.

I'm definitely trying it and reporting back. Bethany gets the kennel cough (daycare cough) all the time. Thanks!

The Davis' said...

I've heard about using Vicks on your feet to treat toenail fungus. From what I read, it keeps it at bay but doesn't cure it.

I don't know about putting it on kids feet for coughs. Hmm.

I tried a little Vicks on my chest, right above my sternum. It helped me breathe a little better when my nose was stuffy.

ktjrdn said...

Triaminic used to make these great little vapor patch things. They were stickers for the kids chests. They worked GREAT!. Then some kid decided to eat one and had seizures, so they had to recall them. I was so bummed. My kids didn't eat them. Couldn't I have some? Pretty please? I still haven't found anything that works as well.

Oh, The Joys said...

Hmmm. I think the Vicks thing is a hoax, no?

yerdoingitwrong said...

I tried the Vicks on the feet thing. I got the email over a week ago and tried it out when I was coughing up a lung every night. It didn't help at all. bummer! =( I was willing to try anything!!