Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Tag Yourself Meme

So Jennifer over at had a cute lil' meme up about herself and I happily said I would love for her to tag me as well. So, here are all of my answers to your awesome questions!

1. What is your favorite kind of milkshake? Actually, none. I don't like ice cream. I actually don't eat anything sweet at all. I would take a pickle or some chips over a milkshake any day. Please, don't hate me.

2. What is your fantasy job? Do you ever think you'll have that job? Again some people are going to think I am crazy but it would be to own my own daycare. I worked in many day cares when I was younger and LOVED it. When I was very pregnant with Claire I was the teacher of a class of 9 two year olds. Fun times my friend. I would like to think that some day I will win the lottery (in order to do this though I think I have to actually play it), or talk myself into getting a loan - I don't think it is ever going to actually happen.

3. Do you consider yourself a "neat freak" or can you handle a little mess? Honestly it depends on my mood, oh and how much I have had to drink. ;) I do not like clutter but can stand to see some dishes in the sink or the beginnings of a ring on the tub. During the week I just "pick up" around the house but save the serious scrubbin' for Sundays.

4. What are your thoughts about tattoos? Well I guess I'd have to say "love 'em" since I have 5 of them right? Actually I love mine. Each one has a memory for me. Just to name a few - the one on my ankle was my first one ever. It is 3 dolphins swimming in around a heart and I was 18 when I got it. It was my real "do something crazy since you're an adult now" thing after I moved away from home. I also have a small butterfly on my right upper butt cheek. Bryan actually bought me that for my 21st birthday, another huge milestone in my life. Now when I see people who have so many tattoos that it resembles clothes - nah, not so much.

5. Where would you go on your fantasy vacation? Who would you want to be with you? Honestly, anywhere out of the country where there was a beautiful beach and drinks with cutsie umbrellas in them. And the honest to God truth, I'd want to be with only Bryan.


On another note, this morning as I was making my coffee I thought of a perfect little slogan for CoffeeMate (which I LOVE).

"CoffeeMate, add a little mischief to your coffee"

Whaddya think??

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Jennifer said...

Great answers! I don't like sweets that much either, although I do enjoy them every once in a while.

Like your coffemate slogan!