Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Residue

Easter started for us at 4 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Claire yelling from her room (yes people she is back in her bed all on her own and seems to have forgotten all about her mean ole bed throwing her out of it) "Has the easter bunny came yet? We both groaned having not been to bed until after midnight. Bryan had braved the crazies at Walmart to get some last minute Easter shopping done and I was determined to stay awake until he got hope to finish setting up for the bunny. After telling Claire that no, the easter bunny had not made it to our house yet we all settled back in our beds. We had set our alarm for 7 am so we could get up before them and hide the dyed eggs (we didn't want them rotting and stinking up the joint all night). 6 am Claire is yelling from her room enquiring about the bunny, again. After laying in my bed starting at the clock for about 30 minutes I wake Bryan up to help me do the eggs because I am stressing out that they're going to get up before us and Easter will be ruined because they will think the damn bunny has forgotten them. We're back in bed at 6:45ish and both drift off to DreamLand when we are bombarded with our little ones at 5 till 7. *Sigh* You know you did good though when your daughter says "This is the bestest easter ever!!"


The cookout over at my aunts went fine, we all pigged out on cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and queso/salsa!! My aunt had put out some goodies for them as well from the Bunny and Claire and Taylor were impressed that the bunny could drive. The big hit was a fan that is sorta like the pictures up above (because I cannot ever seem to get pictures to go where I want them), but the ones the kids got were all sparkly and light up and also have candy in the bottom - I know how friggin cool is that?? Well it took Claire a whole 10 minutes to get the damn thing so tangled in her hair we had to cut it out. Happy Easter to us. :)

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