Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oops I Did It Again!

So I have started doing again exactly what I had said I wouldn't do, which is not blog about things I am doing or going on in my life. I had made a promise to myself a little while ago to ACTUALLY blog about something that that happened, heard, said, etc - instead of just thinking hmmm, this would be great to post about. Then a few days will go by and nada. It aggravates me but hey, no one is perfect.

So what has been going on in your world? Not much has changed around our little world. This past Sunday and I am afraid again last night, the kids and I thought we were watching the Discovery Channel live! One of our cats, Binx, has turned into Simba the Lion. I am not an outdoorsy person. I do not like bugs, I do not like to sweat, and I dislike very much to get dirty. After saying that, I can also say that I have never actually seen an animal eat or try to kill another animal. Our new house came with a lovely backyard that the kids and our animals enjoy tremendously and I do too - I enjoy watching the kids splish splash in their little pool and sit out in lawn chairs while Bryan cooks out. This is a big luxury for us after being cooped up in an apartment for so damn long. With the backyard came lots of woodland creatures for us to admire, squirrels, birds, lizards, etc. The kids and I love to watch them while we eat and we leave little treats like bread and stuff for them.

Sunday we had the backdoor open because the weather was just so beautiful we were enjoying the fresh air. I was sitting on the couch when I heard this unusual flapping noise coming from outside. The kids and I went outside to inspect and were greeted with the sight of feathers flying and Binx trying his damnedest to eat a bird. It was like we were on a farm and he was trying to catch our dinner. Kentucky Fried Chicken has nothing on this cat!! I screamed, I sprayed with a hose, I eventually beat him with my flip flop until he let go of the freakin bird. I had never seen anything like this in my life. Yes, I had seen Binx eat live june bugs before but actually thanked him for that (I have a huge fear of those), but not a helpless fluffy bird. We put Binx in the garage in "time out" and the kids and I thanked God when the injured bird was able to finally get out of our backyard. *Falling over our fence into the neighbors yard is as good as ever*

So what could possibly top that you may ask?? Well, last night I was in the back yard with Claire and the animals when I heard a faint thud. I looked into the general direction that the noise came from and here comes the cutest little baby squirrel God had ever made. Cue the music to "Welcome To The Jungle" by Axle Rose. Like lightening our cat was on top of this little angel before we even knew what had happened. I have never heard an animal scream before but people, this squirrel sure as hell did - the Whole.Damn.Time. Now if I am being honest here, I saw the little thing bite Binx a few times and I WANTED that baby to injure my cat so he would leave her the fuck alone. Somehow, that squirrel got away with not a scratch or hair out of place for Binx. He strolled inside to get a drink of water, I guess he had fur in his mouth or something. We are forever scarred.


The Davis' said...

Oh my yes. I have heard rabbits, baby bunnies, squirrels and even a horse scream. The horse by far was the worst. *shudder*

The rabbits and squirrels were screaming out of fear, not injury.

My parent's dog (Bailey), a bird dog mind you, had cornered a baby bunny and it was pretty much between her legs. Bailey didn't know what to do. I think the bunny screaming scared the jeepers out of her.

The horse, oh my. It had gotten injured at a rodeo/4H fair. This was many years ago. That was the worst noise I've heard coming from an animal. (Hopefully I won't hear any more like that.)

Now that I've taken over your blog... lol

Heather said...

OK, that would be terribly traumatic, but I atually laughed out loud when you said to cue "Welcome to the Jungle." I was totally picturing that scenario.