Friday, April 6, 2007


Happy Easter Everyone! So what are everyone else's plans? Our house is crackling with the excitement of the Easter bunny. The kids have finally gotten to the ages where they understand more about holidays and can hardly wait. Claire was shocked to find out that the bunny brings gifts just like Santa! They have gotten goodies for Easter every year since birth - they just don't seem to remember. So tonight Dad is boiling the eggs and tomorrow the dying will commence. Any my munchkins are counting down the hours. They are out of school today and daycare is closed so Dad chose to stay home with them. I called at about 9ish to see how things were going and heard one of the kids screaming in the background. Poor hubby I could tell was losing his ever loving mind. "The sad thing is", he said, "they have only been up like 10 minutes." I secretly smiled inside. For Easter Sunday our plans are to go over to my aunts and grill out hamburgers and hot dogs. Yum yum!! My aunt asked me a few days ago if we wanted to go to church for Easter, that it would be fun. I don't know what planet she is from but church has never been "fun" for me. When I was a child I was made to go and I dreaded it every Wednesday and Sunday. When I became an adult I only went with my family on Christmas and Easter - we joked that we were C&E Catholics. Now that I have a family of my own, I CHOOSE not to go to church because it just isn't something I want to do. And hey, relatives, it is MY choice. The kids go with their grandparents when they stay over at their homes and go to bible camp when they go and see Bryan's parents in GA. If they came home and said "Hey mom, lets go to church" then of course I'd go - but having people try to "manipulate" you into going - not so much fun. So in case you're still wondering, I am not going to church on Sunday and I am sure our Easter will still be just fab.
On another note, Bryan and I had our very first threesome last night. Before you start the whole "what the hell?" - I am talking about my daughter hogging the bed, OUR bed. Claire and Taylor have a bunk bed and at our old place they shared a room. After moving into our new house they have their own rooms and we had to turn their bunk beds into single beds. Claire slept on the top bunk so she now has a bed with an "under the bed" that is big enough for her to walk under. The bed has a guardrail and falling out of it has never been an issue until Wednesday night. At 2 in the morning we were awakened by a blood curdling scream and Bryan and I just about broke a leg trying to get to our daughter. We found her on the floor, crying and still half asleep. How did she fall out?? We have no clue. She had to either slither under the guard or throw herself over one of the ends. It is quite perplexing. The big issue now it Claire is afraid to sleep in her bed. Bryan relented and let he sleep on the living room couch last night but she ended up sleeping with us for the first time since she was 2 years old. This cannot start happening. She woke up many times complaing about our snoring and although our bed is a queen, there is just not enough for 2 adults and a 6 year old. I had to sleep on my side facing the same direction ( I am usually a tosser at night) because if I rolled over I then was face to face with Bryan and his stank breath. I will stick with the wall. So come on and help a girl out, anyone out there got any ideas for us??


Lotta said...

Son is fevery and sick so I'm hoping the Easter bunny won't be arriving bedside. Poor dude.

Girl con Queso said...

Happy Easter!

Stephanie said...

Ow!! What a delemma! Maybe put the mattress on the floor for a little while until she is comfortable sleeping in her own bed again.

I hope you get some descent sleep soon!

Shauna said...

How about putting one of those talking dolls in bed with her - the ones that talk when you squeeze it? Put the doll next to the rail, so if she rolls over it, it'll talk to her and wake her up... You can call it her guardian or something... Good luck!!