Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Think I've Lost My Mind

We've done it. We shelled out a little more than 600 bucks so Santa could bring my two monsters a Wii. Out of all of the things the kids were asking for, this was the main thing that continued to be asked for from Santa. Yes, yes I know they were only around 300.00 a few weeks ago, but being on a pretty tight budget we had to wait for the 15th of this month before we would even have the funds. Luckily, other family members are sending cash as well for Xmas so this should help with getting other things for Claire and Taylor as well seeing how all of Momma and Daddy's money is tied up with Santa.

Is it totally worth it?? Completely! To see the looks on my kids' faces Christmas Eve, every time they smile at me because Santa is the GREATEST person on Earth, will remind me that it was. I even thought to myself last night after Claire saw that commercial where the girl got the pony instead of a phone like her friends, and then she's all "Momma I would love to have a horse and then I could ride it to school", knowing me I would love to buy that girl a pony for the back yard and then listen to Bryan bitch because it ate the fence and shit on the patio. Again, totally worth it.

So, what gifts are you getting for your kiddos this year? Did you have to pawn your title to your car like we did?? (I kid, we didnt really do that but I wont say I havent had to before.) I wanna know, are we the ony suckers out there? ;)


Oh, The Joys said...

I think you might end up having fun with the Wii yourself!

Hol&J said...

Wow, did the store jack up the price just because of Christmas?

I bet you'll all have fun with the Wii, and maybe some quality time together. That would make it worth the price.

Phoenix said...

Dude, I want a Wii so bad.

My nieces are getting a dollhouse and a kitchen from Santa. But luckily, their Gran is mailing it. We love us some Grans.

I'm buying myself a new Ipod, since mine was stollen. Even though I am without job, I'm going to do it. Thank god for credit. :)