Friday, March 28, 2008


Last night I took the kids out to eat at our favorite Chinese buffet. Taylor has a huge love for fried shrimp, which he then soaks in soy sauce. Sometimes we have bean there and their shrimps has no tails, other times they do have the tails and I remind him not to eat the tails.

T: These are the ones with the bones in them right Momma?

M: No babe, they don't have bones, just tails. Make sure you rip the tail off remember?

T: Yeah. *Munches on a few* Momma, so what tails do they have?

M: Huh?

T: Well, are these puppy dog tails or kitty cat tails?

M: Neither. They re shrimp tails.

T: I KNOW that... But are they dog or cat?

M: They're shrimp tails hon.

T: Oh. *Resumes munching*


Hol&J said...

Cute. Little ones bring up the things we take for granted that everyone knows. ;)

Coffee Slut said...

Ummm, maybe he's heard how you never see cats hanging around Chinese restaurants. hahahaha

Laura said...

MMMMM....I want some too!

Stephanie mama drama said...

Well, at least he doesn't think their "baby monsters". Yeah, Bethany eats them and says, "GRRRR!"

Caroline said...

mmmmmm Shrimps, now I'm hungry! Shrimp tails - so cute!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ha! Adorable.

Ps. Victor eats the tails. Totally grosses me out.