Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Knew?

We have never bought a toaster for some reason, we have always just made things that needed to be "toasted" in the microwave (waffles), the oven, or the little toaster oven Bryan used mostly for fish sticks.

Saturday we picked one up while shopping at Target so when Taylor requested waffles for breakfast Sunday morning I happily popped some in our spanking new appliance. I smothered them with syrup and sat them in front of him.

He spent the next hour crying into his waffles because didn't I know he didn't like crunchy waffles? The horror!

I told him to eat these and I promised from now on I'd only cook his waffles in the microwave. Bryan piped up from the living room, "maybe you should change your blog to Who Cries over Crunch Waffles?"


Uninvoked said...

Eating soggy waffles is kinda gross, actually. O.o I guess kids just like what they're used to.

carol said...

good luck with the reversal

alcoLOLz!1!! said...

how did you make toast?