Thursday, March 5, 2009

OB Makes Earplugs Too.

This morning Claire was rifling through our bathroom drawer, one of her new favorite hobbies that drive me insane.

She holds up a box of OB tampons that someone had given me and I had never used because they freak me out. But, I saved them just in case of an emergency.

"What are these Momma?"

Now Claire is only 8 and a very young 8 at that, so I have not had the discussion with her about periods, the facts of life, nada. And I wasn't about to then either. Luckily I was brushing my teeth when she asked the question so I had a few minutes to try to think of an answer but before I could even spit, she replied.

"Oh I KNOW, they're giant earplugs!!!"

Yup. Now move along please.


Hol and J said...

Earplugs? Too funny!

Ann(ie) said...

HA!!!! It's nice when they come up with their own answers!!

MJ Daley-Prado said...

I had to laugh when I read about the tampon Earplugs. It made me remember something that happened with my nephew years ago. My nephew had a bloody nose and he walked into the living room with a tampon shoved up his nose. It was so funny. I will never forget it. Tampons definitely have multiple