Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Damn Those Sharpies!

Let me start of by saying that Taylor's teacher has something called a treasure chest in their classroom, basically it is a reward system where the kids are able to choose things out of the box when they have done something good.

Seems that one of the newest items she added was the tiny Sharpie permanent markers in different colors. My son was drawn to the little beauties like a magnet. The first one brought home was green and somehow ended up in my daughter's hands. Thinking Bryan may have brought it home from work, I took it away from her because I feared what may result from her having the marker unsupervised.

Yesterday I see in Taylor's hand another lighter green one and immediately snatched it away, chastising him for retrieving it only to find the one from the precious night still in it's place. I went back to Taylor and asked him if he was stealing these from school (he went through a stealing stage a while back so sometimes you just have to check) and he responded with the treasure chest answer. I found it odd that an adult would think these PERMANENT markers appropriate for a bunch of 7 year olds but wanted to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt. So, I returned the two green ones and he showed me how he had a black on as well in his room.

Confident with my decision in returning the treats and showing him I put them in his art holder on his dresser, I continued with our evening. Around 10 that night I was reading a book, both of the kids having been in bed since 8:30. I am startled with a loud noise that sounds like the Tasmanian Devil may be in Taylor's room, I go to check it out.

Taylor is in his bed, looking wide eyed at the wall at the blank space his poster was. His nightstand that is usually by his bedside is over on its side, this is the loud noise I heard. I ask him what happens and he tells me that he doesn't know, he was asleep even though I could clearly see by his face he hadn't been to sleep yet. I remove the poster from his bed, clean up the mess from the bedside table, tell him to go to sleep and do not get up again, and then take myself back to bed. I put the whole incident out of my mind until this morning.

Bryan works nights now so he usually gets in around 2:30 - 3:00 in the morning and does a quick round of the house, just to check on everyone. He notices the poster I had left on the floor but he also notices what I didn't. The name Taylor written neatly in permanent black marker on the wall where the poster should have been. Mystery solved. All of that noise was from Taylor trying to graffiti his own bedroom wall under his poster so Mom and Dad wouldn't see.

Clearly he knew what he was doing was wrong because he was trying to hide it from the beginning but what made me the angriest was that he flat out lied to me last night. I know kids lie, we have over fair share from both of the kids. It's just, this one was so bold, so in my face.

Bryan asked me what we should do about it so I asked him to make sure Taylor understood he was in trouble for writing on my wall but he was most in trouble for lying to Mommy. His consequences is no Wii for a week which is a huge deal for him. Kids.


Ann(ie) said...

ug. That phase is gonna be fun and I thought the 2's were bad. =/

I remember promising my mom that I took my big horse pill of a multivitamin every morning and actually I hid them in her desk drawer ... one Easter they all came spilling out for our entire extended family to see. She was not pleased. hehe. And I clearly needed to work on my hiding place skills.

Losing the wii for a week should set him straight....hang in there mama!!!

Hol and J said...

Artwork/graffiti on the walls. Yep I did it too when I was younger.

I agree. Not playing the wii for a whole week should be a pretty good punishment. He'll at least think twice before writing on the walls again.