Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Sad Post ~ R I P FIL

Tomorrow is my honey's birthday, tomorrow is also his Dad's wake. Bryan and the kids are in GA visiting with Bryan's family and they all enjoyed a fun time at the lake with Bryan's dad and siblings. Bryan's dad is a workaholic, so, like normal he woke up early Sunday morning this past weekend to leave the lake house and head into town to his office. Miraculously, Bryan heard his dad's voice saying goodbye to his step mom out on the driveway so he hopped up because he wanted to say goodbye. Claire happened to already be awake as well so she followed her Dad downstairs.

His dad was already in the car so Bryan and Claire, in their pajamas, ran to the car and thanked Bryan's dad for a wonderful weekend and told him how much they loved him. Bryan's dad told them he appreciated their gratitude, that he loved them too, and told Bryan he wanted to take him out to dinner one night that week for his birthday. Bryan said that would be great.

Just a few hours later they received a call telling the family that Bryan's dad had had a stroke and he was being rushed to the E.R. The whole family, all 7 brothers and sisters, Bryan's step mom, and all of the grand kids hurried to the hospital. They were told after arriving that they we rent going to bring him back this time.

Bryan called his Mom to come and get Claire and Taylor, after they left Bryan went into the hospital room with all of the others and they all gathered around and said their goodbyes. The nurse took him off of the life support and they all bowed their heads, tears streaming down their faces as they waited for their dad/husband to take his last breath.

My heart is with you Bryan and I love you so much and wish I could take this hurt away.

*I did offer to come up there but Bryan adamantly said he wanted me to stay with the house and the dogs ~ but it kills me every time he calls and I hear the hurt in his voice.*


Hol and J said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bryan's dad. Please know that you're all in our thoughts and prayers.

Even though this is a difficult time, I'm glad Bryan was able to see his dad and spend some time with him.

Nicole, I know what you're saying about wanting to take the pain away. I felt similarly when J's grandmother died.

Just be there. Listen and support Bryan (as I know you will). Help him realize it's okay for him to grieve, on his own time schedule. There's no right or wrong way.


Ann(ie) said...

Oh honey I am so very sorry for your families loss. We haven't lost our parents yet but I know when it happens its going to be so painful and life altering. I'm so glad he and the kids got that beautiful and final goodbye. Hang in there love. Prayers in route for your family. Xxoo.

cleon dann said...

that is so sad... i know it is so painful... i love my parents also... nd never spent a day without them...

cleon dann