Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google, Are You Trying To Get Me Fired??

Yesterday I had plans to go over to my aunt's house and get my hair trimmed up, one thing that sucks about having short hair now is the upkeep. Before I had even left work Bryan called and said Taylor had came home with gum stuck in his hair. Nice. After much inquiring we could not get a straight answer from the boy as to how it got there. He claims that it was on the bus seat but as Bryan pointed out, he would have had to have been sitting on his damn head for the gum to get where it was.

So after getting off the phone with Bryan, I went onto Google to try and find this cute hair style that I had seen on a few boys at the local pool. I needed a pic to show my aunt so she would know what I was wanting. I put in the search bar a few different things but was having no luck. I then typed in *cute pics of boys hairstyles* and started scrolling through some of the options. What happened next just about gave me a heart attack. I clicked on one option that looked promising and lo and behold if this picture of a woman doesn't pop up onto my screen with a freaking penis hanging out of her mouth. I don't think I need to go any further on what she was doing with it, you can use your imagination. I am desperately trying to close it when my computer freezes up!! I could actually hear my heart beat in my EARS people and I flew up and practically threw my body on the computer screen. What seemed like an eternity (but was prolly only a few seconds) I got the shit to go away. Good grief!!

Giving up on the picture after that little episode, I decided Taylor was just going to have to keep the style (which is just hair growing for now) that he has. I picked them up on the way to my Aunt's and after I gt mine done Taylor was next. I sat in the air conditioned house until he was done and then proceeded to sweep hair while he went into the bathroom to check out his new do. With tears streaming down his face he comes back into the living room and proceeds to tell me how he didn't even get a hair cut! I told him of course he did and he continued to have a melt down and demanded that I go look in the mirror because there was no haircut in there! Turns out he wanted the "bald Pop-pop" look that my Dad sports which actually means Taylor had wanted his head shaved like we did for the summer and had assumed we would just do it. Last night before bed he made me promise that for Halloween we could go over to JJ's (that is what the kids call my aunt) and get his head bald please Momma. I guess Taylor wants to be Uncle Fester for Halloween now! ;)


Phoenix said...

Buzzed? Man his head will be cold. They know waht they like though.

The porn thing once happened to me too. Luckily it went away easily. I also had to stop hitting the next blog button for the same reason.

Hol&J said...

So Taylor wants a buzz? You'll need to get him a hat or two for the winter. :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That very same thing happened to my mother as she was presenting a web quest to a college class! NIGHTMARE! (but kind of funny)

Jenny said...

Ha! The Uncle Fester look is very popular nowadays.