Friday, September 21, 2007

Two Reasons Why I Adore My Husband

Wednesday night Bryan came home from work a little later than usual. I was already in bed, reading a book when he came to tuck me in and have out little evening chat. He had told me a few weeks ago about a girl that works with him that also works part time at some clothing store that specializes in "big girl" sizes and how he had told her proudly that he was the one that found the elusive bra at Walmart. She had told him shed keep an eye out for me if some bras went one sale in my size. As we sat there talking Bryan told me how he was running late tonight because she had called him at work to tell him that she put aside a bra for me that was on sale and did he want to come and get it? Now what man do you know that went out of his way just to go and get a bra he thought his wife might like??

Then, last night as I was headed to my room I saw what looked like to me a piece of poo in the hall way. All I could think was maybe on the way to the tub, it must have fell out of Taylor's underwear and hell no was I cleaning it up. I knew Bryan would be home in just a few minutes so I hopped in bed and opened a book. When he came into the room I told him about the spot in the hall, and off he went to investigate and clean it up.

Bryan: Looks like human poop for sure.

Me: I dunno honey, I know there wasn't any marks in Taylor's underwear cause I checked it.

Bryan: Hmmm, must just be a Hershey kiss that fell outta his butt.


VDog said...

BWAHAHAHA!! A hershey kiss that fell out of his butt? That's classic.

Phoenix said...

oh shit, he's funny/ Girl, you've got a keeper for sure.

Ann(ie) said...

LMAO about the hershey's kiss. That's too cute for words.

AND...your hubby bra shops????....that's a keeper for sure!!!

Hol&J said...

You've got a sweet man! I'm on the opposite end of the bra spectrum than you, but have similar problems at times finding my size. ;)