Friday, September 14, 2007

TGIF, Right??

Things seem to be getting back to normal for us, Claire's red spots are slowly fading away and she is getting back to her happy little self. Today is also payday for me and this paycheck it the first in many, many years that I will be keeping the whole thing. In the past, 700.00 of it always went straight to daycare but this year we were able to arrange for one of us to be home when they get out of school. Woo hoo!! So since we have some extra income we'll actually be doing some fun stuff this weekend with the kids and I will be getting some much needed clothes shopping done. Plus, I can now get my butt back into the dentist's chair ~ not so thrilled about that one.

Taylor did not get to go to his appointment yesterday, with the bad weather we were supposed to be hit with I called to reschedule since his doctor was right in the middle of where it is known to flood. So no news there yet. I hope everyone else has a great weekend!


Last Saturday I went shopping for bras at Walmart, I just needed one to tide me over until payday. The whole family was there because Taylor also needed to have his glasses adjusted. Claire and I went over to the bra section while the boys waited there turn for the eye people.

After searching many racks and trying on as many bras as I figured I could get away with under the watchful eye of the mean ass attendant, I still shit out of luck. Bryan and Taylor joined us and near tears I expressed my frustration to Bryan. I went in and tried on a few others and feeling at the end of my rope, decided to just buy the one that kinda sorta did the job.

I found Bryan at a bra rack that I hadn't really noticed before and lo and behold, the man had found the size I was looking for! Bryan beamed a huge smile at me and was so damn proud about this, he even told people at work on Monday about how HE had found the elusive bra.

What a time that was, Claire feeling on all of the bras complimenting on their softness ~ Taylor asking me what the pink part of the boob is called ~ and my lovely husband tearing through the bra aisles like he was on a scavenger hunt!

At home, I marveled over the fact to Bryan how in high school I was a 36B and then in college and after the kids I was a 38C and NOW, here I am trying to search for a 46D!

Not missing a beat Bryan responds with, "yep, pretty soon you're gonna have to start making these babies at home!" I could have killed him right there.....


Special K ~Toni said...

Figures. Kenny can always find stuff before me! $700??? WOW!

For the Love... said...

Took husband bra shopping a few months ago...I too needed a Wal-Mart bra to tide me over. I will never ever take him again. I am looking for something in a 40DDD that does not have 4 inch wide shoulder straps and 16 hooks on the back. He is looking for something red or black and lacy. I finally agreed to try on one bra he picked out....It was all flash and no function. It managed to push my giant hooters up so high that I could literally rest my chin on them...He cried a little when I told him that hell would freeze over before I would spend $30 on something that could possibly suffocate me.

VDog said...

Miraculously, I have gone from a 38D pre-pg to a 34/36G nursing. Odd. But it still send me to the "special" shops 'cause a G? That's BBIIIIIIIiIiiiiiGGG.