Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It Wasnt Me!

Bryan: (Yelling from the kitchen) Why is it every time I leave this damn house something breaks?!?!

*He has turned the disposal off and on now for about 10 times and it sounds like it is trying to eat a dinosaur)

Me: I have no idea honey.

*Do you think I am going to tell him I poured popcorn kernels down the drain?? Hell no!*

Bryan: Did you have something to do with this??

Me: No honey.

Bryan: *Muttering* Yeah like when you didn't brake the vacumme by trying to suck up actual limbs from the Christmas tree......


Phoenix said...

I'm cracking up.

I don't put anything down the disposial. I'm anal about it. But's it's the first thing that will break in any house.

Ann(ie) said...

heeeheeeeeeeeee! This conversation WOULD happen in my house.

Special K ~Toni said...

I do the same damn thing!