Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't Blink - Before You Know It You'll Miss It

You may have been wondering where I have been lately, or maybe not ~ either way I will tell you. First, I got sucked into the world of FreeCycle. If you have never heard of this stay the hell away because the next thing you know, you're giving everything in your home and collecting more things from others to occupy the previous stuffs spots. No I'm kidding, kinda sorta. This group is all about recycling, it reminds me of the whole "pay it forward" scenario mixed in with a little bit of garage saling. The whole point behind it is instead of just throwing something away and filling up our landfills, why not post it on Free Cycle to see if someone else may be able to use it. What a nifty idea right?

We still had the old washer and dryer combo from when we moved into our new home and the inlaws gave us brand spankin new ones, so I put it on FreeCycle. I was overwhelmed with the emails full of stories that brought tears to my eyes. I ended up just having to pick a name because between the single mommas and the other nice folks that wanted this, it was hard to choose. After that, I was hooked. It was almost like a high giving away stuff we either didn't use anymore and the kids had outgrown to these wonderful people who truly needed/wanted these things. So if you get a minute you should really check it out in your area, But ladies, if your husbands are anything like mine you kinda have to some on the side. Bryan was constantly bitching about things leaving (things that had been sitting in closets or garages) and how he was convinced he would come home to find our furniture gone. Men.


Another "project" I have been working is applying to volunteer at a foster program called Casa de Esperanza, or House of Hope. This is an agency providing residential, medical, and psychological care to children between the ages of infant to 6 years old. These are babies who are at high risk for abuse, neglect, effects of HIV/AIDS, etc. Once a week, Saturday or Sunday I would go and help out ~ sweeping and washing, rocking and feeding babies, playing and reading with the little ones. I have not been approved yet but I do know that they sent out my references so at least they are considering me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Coffee Slut said...

I HAVE wondered where you've been! Aha ...freecycle, a dangerous place for me! I try to stay away from that and e-bay.
Volunteering is always an awesome thing to do, my fingers are crossed for you! I remember once (before I got a computer, haha) eons ago, I was a literacy volunteer, and I loved doing it!

Hol&J said...

I was wondering where you were. We all need some good stories. Funny quotes from the kids, something.

Oh, and I got my letter/form in the mail today. :o)

AJsMom said...

We deal with Casa at my job. They are a great organization.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Glad you're back! In my area, FreeCycle is more like "I-Only-Want-Brand-New-Stuff-And-I'm-An-Ingrate." Glad to hear it's actually working like it's supposed to in other areas!!

Mom of 5 said...

I love freecycle. I get rid of so much stuff that way. I give more than I get. Although today the kids got 2 new Guinea Pigs complete with cage and food thanks to freecyle. :) I'm mom of the year now.

Kudos on volunteering. I was a foster parent previously and it's amazing how these children can touch your heart and soul. It warms my heart when people reach out.

Ann(ie) said...

I was missing you. But, I've been a rather neglectful blogger of late, too. It sucks when life gets busy and drags me away from my internet addiction!!!

GOOD FOR YOU For volunteering for such a worthwhile place. I applaud you!!!! I know you'd get in....xo!!! They'll be lucky to have you, sugar.