Friday, October 19, 2007

I Am God!

Last weekend my mother called, yes my mother, to see if I would watch my great grandmother for a few hours while she did some shopping. My mother has actually come to Texas to help in the care of Mamo who is in her 90's and suffers from dementia and Alzheimer's. My great Uncle lives with her out in Hempstead but he is not in the greatest health himself, plus he likes to be able to go and visit his kids in Austin on the weekends so he and my Mom have worked out a deal for her to stay with them and help.

Mamo is slow moving and gets tired easy so shopping trips are a bit of a pain so my mom has started asking others to keep here while she does her errands. When she brought her to me last Sunday the kids asked if they could go with her. My mom said yes and I snickered to myself as they were pulling out of the driveway, knowing she would soon realize she would have had better luck with Mamo.

After about two hours they returned, and both of my little ones had bags of goodies to show off that Grandmother had bought them. Claire had gotten a bunch of little animals that living in baby bottle like homes and smell like different flavors when you sniff their butts. Odd, yes I know ~ but she adores them. Taylor got a bunch of different little things but he was most proud of his snow globe. Mom had taken them to Target and to a store we have in Houston called Tuesday Mornings. My mother would move in and live at Tuesday Mornings if she could. Turns out, they have all of their Christmas Decorations out already and Taylor fell in love with a Biblical Scene inside a snow globe, so my mother bought it for him. It is really quite pretty, covered in gold glitter that comes off every time you touch the damn thing, and has a music box.

On the way to the car my Mom and Taylor had this conversation:

Taylor: Look Grandmother, my globe has God on it. You know how I know? Because of all of the gold, and God is gold too.

Grandmother: Oh okay, well I think the globe is beautiful and if you think God is gold too, well that is just perfect!

After they got in the car Taylor sat the globe next to him and noticed all of the gold glitter that was now all over his hands.

Taylor: Look Grandmother, now I am God!

My mother just cracked up laughing and tells anyone who will stand still long enough this story.


Last night the kids and I went on another little journey to pick up some stuff I had gotten from FreeCycle. Yes people I drive 20 minutes in 5 o'clock traffic to pick up a pair of flip flops, boxers, and a picture frame. *Standing up* "Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a Freecycle Addict". Anyway, we were driving through an older part of Houston that had these huge trees full of moss. Because we kinda sorta live in the city, my children have really never seen such things.

Claire: Mommy, what are those things called again hanging from the trees?

Me: Moss

Claire: Moths? You mean like the things that look like butterflies?

Me: No, moss ~ Mmmmmooooosssssss * I was trying to emphasise the M*

Claire: Oh, well do bugs live in them?

Me: Yes, they're called chiggers.

Claire: Niggars??

Me: I said chiggers!! Are you going deaf at 7?? Good grief.

I let the other word go because they honestly do not know what that word means, when Claire was younger she used to call them brown people. It just goes to show you just never know what is going to come out of their mouths.


Hol&J said...

"I am God!" Too funny! Thanks for the cute stories.

AJsMom said...

In my house right now, I am a "big germ" and AJ is a "little monster". God sounds pretty good to me.