Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Been Awhile.....

I know I don't come here very often anymore. If I am being honest, I occasionaly come back to go down Memory Lane which I have really been enjoying. I am glad that I posted things the kids said or did, things that I had forgotten but bring a smile to my face when I read. I wanteed to share something Taylor said this past weekend which I thought was just too cute. Bryan and I had gone to lunch with Taylor while Claire was at Main Fun with her choir from school. I was saying how big the kids have gotten, Claire being 13 and Taylor turning 12 next month and how neat it would be if we could have them go back to a younger age for a little while. Taylor said that didn't sound like fun to him but I said I thought it would be fantastic. I miss them at those ages although going through some of these old posts, it seems I was ready at times for them TO be this age. :) I said I would choose for Claire to be 2 because she was so much fun at that age. She had so much energy and the cutest personality. I said that Taylor I would pick 4 or 5 and he wanted to know why I didn't choose 2 for him as well and I let him know since he was a preemie, at 2 he was still a baby. Bryan went on to say that when he met him, he didn't even talk and I agreed but mentioned his preemptive team had taught him sign language. My husband asked if he remembered any of the sign language and he responded, "no, only the one for the middle finger." I could not stop laughing.

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