Thursday, February 27, 2014

On Tuesday my belt broke. I had one of those braided leather ones that I think was popular back in High School but for some reason, I still like them. They sell them all over so I can't be the only one right?
Anyway, it happened when I was using the restroom at work while I was pulling up my pants and securing the belt. Instead of the normal tightness felt around my waist, I felt looseness. I looked down and saw my belt had come apart and the leather had actually been worked away in one area.

I took it off and threw it into the trash. My jeans are a little loose on me so I was having to walk around holding them. I was meeting my husband for lunch that day and as I walked up to him he asked to hold my hand.

I told him how sweet that was but I needed both of my hands to hold up my britches. He started laughing at me.

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