Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today I took some time to stop by some of the old blogs I used to haunt. It was sort of like walking down your street you used to live on but my how things have changed. Not surprisingly, most have stopped blogging years ago or havent blogged in months. I wonder if like me, did they tire of it too? Or did I tire of it? Maybe life continued on (of course) but just stopped thinking , hey I should post that!

I am now 36 and hubby is the same age. I kid him because he turns 36 in July and my birthday is in November so I like to think he is MUCH older than me.
Claire is 13, has braces, and the prettiest hair. She of course hates it but who ever likes their own hair right? The grass is always greener. ;)
Taylor will be 12 next month. That shocks me everytime I think about it. My 1lb 8oz baby who's life looked filled with issues, if he lived at all, is now a healthy, beautiful eyed smart ass.
I am proud to call myself their mom.

We still live in the same house and have the same jobs. I am doing much better as far as climing in mine and Bryan is due to make manager any day now. We both have nice, dependable cars and a healthy marriage.

I still love to make people laugh but find I have started looking at things a little differntly as I age. I think of death more often. Mostly, my own. Some days, I am okay with it by telling myself it is part of life and then other days, it terrifies me. I worry about my children being taken care of if something should happen to the both of us but he doesnt want to talk about it. To this day, he hasnt decided what he wants to do when he passes because the thought of being buried back in GA where he is from tugs at him.
I plan on being cremated and placed into a beautiful urn but I am also told a lot of people change their minds further up the age ladder. I tell myself why worry about things like that? But then I am reminded oh, well, you are almost 40 years old. Funny how this stuff just seems to sneak up on you.

So if you decide to follow along on this new trip of mind, what should you expect? Well, defiantly more laughs. Maybe some tears. Maybe some soul seaching questions. Who knows but sometimes there can be fun in that too right?

Until later,

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