Friday, July 13, 2007

I Am Reminded Why I Only Poop At Home......

Today we had Chipotle for lunch. Let me just say that I love me some Chipotle, but it does not love me. The sad thing is I know what it does to me but I still continue to eat there. Not near as much as I used to but yes still, I am just glutton for punishment.

So a few hours after my very tasty lunch my stomach started giving me hell. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would have to use the restroom. After putting it off for as long as I possibly could, I hauled my trembling ass in there.

I flew into the largest stall and quickly turned the little lock on the door. I ripped my pants down and threw myself on the toilet seat. Just as relief began again I hear a cough and this.....

"Let me shut this door for you."


I had not closed the stall door entirely and it had opened and a very nice co worker stood there looking at me and closing the door. I am afraid I will have to look for a new job now. The horror.


Hol&J said...

Oh I'm sorry!

Since the people you work with are so sweet, so I doubt they'll hold this against you.

I've had a stall door do that to me once. The lock didn't work, and someone tried to walk in on me. I was like, jeez lady, don't you look first before opening? (I do!)

Phoenix said...

I'm soooo sorry. but I am laughing a bit. ;)

Margaret said...

That sucks. I was gonna say that stinks but... yeah, no.

I actually have a really big issuing about pooping at home only. But sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Just yesterday my tummy did the whole rumbling and I tried to ignore it. Not happening. I ran to our most non-used potty and prayed no one would come in.

Yet Mark? He can poop anywhere, anytime.

Chase said...

OMG Terrifying!!!

But a great blog post! ;)

Ann(ie) said...

OH Lord. That would totally happen to me!