Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Questions Better Left Unsaid?

I don't know about you guys, but I do not have a huge surplus of friends. I could probably name them using one hand and even less then that for ones I could talk to about just anything. I am pretty bad about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or worse, trying to talk about something that really shouldn't be discussed, out loud. But you know, sometimes it would be nice to get a little confirmation from other gals that I am not a total wierdo.

So I have decided to use my blogging friends as my new bestest buds that you know, I could just to about anything. Everything from the big O to ass hair.

Here is what I want to throw out there. How do y'all feel about landscaping? I have heard or read so many different reasons why some women maintain the hair down there.

I remember the first time a boyfriend asked me to go all shiny and I thought, what the hell is wrong with him?!?! Did I do it? No. Not until many years later did I start to "trim" and then trim turned into wax on-wax all the way off. Minus the wax though, just me and a razor.

The past couple of months I have been thinking about getting a Brazilian wax. I have heard it is much easier to keep up with then the constant need to shave or my cookie ends up looking like it has a 5 o'clock shadow. But you see, I get my eyebrows waxed and that hurts enough to make my damn eyes water. What would having my pubes ripped off my va jay-jay do to me??

So any if my readers out there ever had one?? Suggestions?? Opinions??

I'm all ears......


Hol&J said...

I haven't gotten a Brazilian wax. I haven't even had my eyebrows waxed... but I know I need to.

Shaving? Yep. Oddly enough I had a friend suggest it years ago. A guy friend that is.

I agree about the 5 o'clock shadow. Not fun.

Phoenix said...

I just choked on my water and I think now my lungs are drowning. But you crack my ass up.

Ok, here's the deal. I've never had it done, but I've seriously wanted too. But when I think of some random person with some wax and my Va jay jay hanging out, i decide againt it. Plus, I don't think I really enjoy looking like a pre-pubesent girl down there. Ya know?

Coffee Slut said...

I've shaved for sooooo many years that I just wouldn't feel "clean" if I didn't. No wax though, I'd rather take the time and do it myself with a razor and hair conditioner or johnsons baby lotion. For men ...I think trimming is good enough ...."smooth" men do not turn ME on. I hope this is not TMI hahahaha

Oh, The Joys said...

Never had the down there Brazil nut thing. Too afraid of the pointy growing back hair.

Margaret said...

I sure as hell am not letting anyone rip the hair out from my girlie area. No way.

I trim with some of Mark's old scissors and keep it neat that way. That's it (other than shaving so I can wear a swimsuit). But Mark also prefers more natural.

Plus, I've heard it itches like hell when it comes in after being ripped out. No. Thank. You.

Chase said...

I've been debating this a lot lately too...namely because I'm SOOOOOO freaking tired of shaving. And the 5 o'clock shadow thing is next in line of reasons. Gah.

I have what they call the landing strip. *rolls eyes* Not all the way bald - though sometimes I go back and forth.

I've heard waxing lasts a lot longer and is over in just a few (painful) moments. But it's the pain that scares the bejeezus out of me. I did the eyebrows once and almost cried. :\

How's about you go first and let me know how it goes?

For the Love... said...

Screw all of that! Three big headed babies have passed through there she deserves a break. A bathing suit with a skirt and sex in the dark.

Plus did you read about the girl that almost died from her Brazilian Wax? She is diabetic and it caused some huge infection.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I'm too scared to try. But I'd really like to get one!

Shauna said...

Never done one, no desire to do one. But I can't stand the 5 o'clock itching that comes with shaving... Can't wait to hear about it if/when you try it!

Chaos Control said...

Like you, I have a habit of saying things out loud that are better kept to myself. Fourty years on Earth, and I still haven't learned when to shut my big mouth ... oh well.

I'm a pussy when it comes to pain (like the pun?) - so no Brazilian wax for me. Unless, that is, you get one and report here that it's really no worse than waxing the eye brows. But I'm not sure I'd believe you ...

Keep us informed, will ya??