Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bros Before Hos

I have always thought that saying was kinda funny, but in this case I guess it is sorta true. Although I do not consider any of my blogging friends hos. I am afraid I will not be making the DramaMamaConQueso party because of this guy. I hope everyone has a blast!!!!!


Hol&J said...

Did you get tickets to see Kenny? If so, no fair! Have fun!

If you ever plan to get tickets for George Strait, you better tell me.

J and I will be at his high school reunion this weekend. Last week I said it was his 5 year, to a few people. DUH! How many years has it been since '97? TEN! .oO(brain fart)

Jenny said...

You're dead to me.

Phoenix said...

Love him. Have fun. His concerts kick ass.

yerdoingitwrong said...

I love him so much!!!! I want to see him, but we're going to be out of town when he's in Seattle. bah. Have the best time ever! I've heard his concerts are fabulous!

Margaret said...

His concerts are always good.

Completely bummed you won't be there!

Coffee Slut said...

de-lurking here your blog!

Kenny puts on an awesome show! I had front row seats and I spent a good part of the night hanging on the edge of the stage and he actually dripped sweat on me, making it the BEST concert I ever went to.