Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

Things have been a little hectic here in my world so I have not been able to let you guys know what is going on with our little family. Last Friday, I was listening to Sunny 99.1 (if you're a Houstonian you prolly know this station but for every one else, it is like the perfect work station during the day and plays love songs at night) and all week long they had been having little trivia questions about Corpus Christi, TX. Guess who one that morning?? Hot damn you're right, it was me!

The prize was amazing, they are sending me and hubby to Corpus for a weekend getaway! We will be staying at the Omni Hotel, visiting the Texas Aquarium, and so much more. And yes, Sunny is picking up the tab!! I am so freakin excited I can hardly stand it. I don't know when we're going yet, I have to hurry up and wait for the promotion people to give me a ring. I can see me now, a Bud Lite in one hand and a bottle of tanning lotion in the other. I so love the beach!

Friday night the kids and I went over to my bff Sheila's new town home to break it in. She cooked a big ass pan of Hamburger Helper, the kids screamed and ran around the joint, and us mommas sat outside on the porch with a cold one and some tunes. Good times. Bryan showed up later, like around 9 and I decided to call it an evening because the kids were getting tired and honestly, so was this ole' lady. I had been sound asleep for a good 2 hours when I hear hubby stumble in. I know I have posted before about Bryan having a bit of an issue with liquor, but the real issue was he was using it as a crutch. Ya know, not just dealing with reality. So it isn't that he shouldn't drink at all, its called moderation. So he climbs into bed and I pretend to sleep because he can be annoying/silly when has had a little too much. He isn't even still 5 minutes and I hear him get up and go to the closet. He turns on the light and just stands there staring for like, ever. Then he hobbles into the restroom, turns on that light and I hear him peeing. The next sound I hear is him washing his mouth out and I am all "What the hell, I know he is NOT going to NOT flush the damn toilet!" So I politely say "flush the toilet dear" and the dude just ignores me. So I throw the covers back, charge into the bathroom intending to flush the damn thing myself when he braces himself in front of it and slurs "the potty is missing" at me. I don't know whether to laugh my ass off or push him into the toilet. I "nicely" shove his ass out of the way and flush the invisible toilet.

The next morning Bryan tried to deny the whole thing, but me and the toilet no better. Karma totally bit him in the butt literally when a wasp stung him Sunday on the right butt cheek!!


Margaret said...

YEah for you!!!!!!

Hol&J said...

Congrats! You'll have to tell me all about it when you know more.