Monday, June 25, 2007


Let me ask you guys, how do ya'll manage to find the fantastic blogs (like mine) that you love to read? What do they have to contain to score a spot on your favorites list?? I know if you are anything like me, I usually find new blogs through some of my regular reads. You know, people linking to this person or that person or I have even checked out others comments and thought, "that person sounds pretty dang funny" and made my way over to their blog. Back when they were having those Nomination Award thingies I found a butt load of new blogs that I quickly fell in love with.

MomJunction gives you a a whole list of new or maybe some you already read of blogs to check out. What is even more freakin awesome is when I found out they were "spot lightin" my blog over there.

So go and check it out, they have a H U G E variety of stuff to filter through - they've defiantly got my attention!

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Coffee Slut said...

I link through blogs I read or I do a blogger search, if the blog holds my attention for a few weeks I add to my blogroll. Thanks for the great link, I'm headed there to check it out now!