Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Appts Here, Appts There, Appts Everywhere

As usual things are hectic in our household, and this week is just filled to the brim of appointments. I had my yearly woman check up on Monday which they chose to wait until I drove the 30-45 minute drive and arrive to inform me the doctor had had an emergency and I would need to reschedule. That is after I called right before I even left for the appointment. Grrrrrr.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment to get some fillings done on the left hand side of my mouth, and we all know what a treat that will be. I always find it quite interested trying to eat when I can't even feel my lips. Last time I had an itch on my face and even though I knew I was scratching it, I could not FEEL it. Thursday morning Taylor has an appointment with the dentist as well to get one filling. Even though we make sure and brush the kids teeth every morning and night, he still managed to get one cavity even though Claire has none. According to their dentist Taylor really deep grooves in his teeth so it is easier for food to become trapped.

And then last but not least, our dog Jojo has an appointment with the vet on Friday morning to get his rabies shot and to have his leg looked at. Last Saturday he was in the backyard playing with my sister's puppy when we hear him yelp. He has been a 3-legged wonder dog ever since, and we have no idea what the hell happened to him. Please keep your fingers crossed that we're not going to have to sell a kidney to fix him.


Last Saturday I attended MamaDramaConQuesoII and am so glad that I did! I met some really nice bloggers that I had not known before and got to meet some folks who's blog I read every day, so for me it was like meeting a movie star. Needless to say the entire way there I was trying not to hyperventilate and told Bryan it was like walking into your High School Reunion, but it was worth every minute of it ~ hives and all. :)


Claire got lice. Again. After taking them out of daycare and switching elementary schools, we thought we were in the clear, seeing how she had not had them in about a year. But remember that birthday party I dropped my darlings off at last week?? Yeah I got a call from my BFF on Saturday to inform me that one of the dirty, I mean sweet girls that attended had lice. Grrrrr. And after doing a check of Miss Claire's head lo and behold, the bastards were back again.

Bryan did a treatment on her as I had Taylor in the other bathtub, when Bryan stopped by and asked Taylor if his head itched. Taylor said "No, but my butt does." Luckily Taylor did not get the lice and I washed his dirty self so his butt would stop itching as well.


This Saturday is the Monster Truck Jam at the Reliant Stadium, which is something Bryan and I wanted to take the kids to but we're putting it off on the back burner until we know how much Jojo is going to put us under. It really won't be a huge disaster if we do not get to go seeing as how both of my children are scared of loud noises and those trucks can be at ear splittin' decibels. I also promised the kids we would go this weekend to the SPCA to see about maybe adopting a new kitten, so I guess we'll just see how everything works out. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!


Laura said...

omg, Im exhausted just reading all this!

Is Happy Hour in there anywhere?

Hol&J said...

Wow your schedule is crammed full! I'm glad you had fun at MDCQ2. I was still feeling pretty crappy, so it's good I didn't go.

Coffee Slut said...

Holy crap, you're one busy woman! Sending healing prayers for Jojo's leg! LMAO@ "No, but my butt does" ...your kids are a riot! Oooooh ...a new kitten? If you do ...pictures please!!!

Margaret said...

Nothing in the world is cuter than a kitten. NOTHING.

Ann(ie) said...

HA! I like Laura already. Must visit her!!! but, wow no kidding that's a terribly busy schedule! Sucks about the Lice. My girlfriends kids had em and she just shaved their heads..hehe..but they were pretty young and didn't really care. That is so cool that you met some fellow local bloggers. I had the opportunity around here and I done chickened out. feh. Maybe next time I'll find some guts!