Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Much For The Day Of Freedom

Saturday morning Paris had an appointment (yes just one more appointment for me to deal with) with the groomers, the nice thing is I typically use the company that actually comes to my home and tends to her needs right in my driveway. Very nice.

So really I didn't even need to change out of my pj's when she rolled up at around 8:30ish, but I did throw on a jacket because it was freezziiinnnggg out there. It had been awhile since we used their service so I was not surprised to see the gal before was no longer the one servicing our area. The young girl seemed nice enough, but before I handed her my tiny terror, I explained that Paris was very scared and although she had never bitten anyone, she was known to snap. In her best "cooing" voice she attempted to take Paris out of my arms, but Paris was having none of that and immediately bared her teeth and started to do that thing she does with her head, sorta looking like The Exorcist.

I decided the best thing would be to muzzle Paris because I did not want her to bite the groomer lady, so I followed her outside to the van as she chose the smallest one she had. Still holding Paris, she attempted to get it on my snapping dog and as her hand came closer and closer, I felt Paris's little body tense up and ready to strike.

Just in time, I moved my hand in front of the groomer's and crunch went my knuckle as one of Paris's fangs sunk in. Somehow I managed to not make a peep as I slipped my injured hand under Paris and told the groomer I would take the muzzle inside with me and have Bryan help me get it on. I know Paris was just scared shitless and didn't mean to bite me, but I cant honestly say that for the rest of the day that I did not tread lightly around jaws.

The bite looks worse than it is, hurt like hell all Sunday but we cleaned it out well and so far my finger has not fallen off. Oh and Paris, she looks just beautiful and smells like a tulip!


Yesterday, while my aunt was at work on what seemed like another normal day, someone was in her house going through her personal belongings and stealing her family heirlooms among other things. This person broke the guest bedroom window and entered her house, traipsing through her home like they lived there. My aunt is not materialistic and had they just stolen the television or maybe the computer, we could replace it. But this person decided to take her jewelry, and this is not just things she has bought for herself, this was my grandmother's (her mother) and my Uncle's (her brother) jewelry that are not replaceable, items that were given to her after my Grandmother and Uncle passed on. It's all gone.

This person also stole her son's PSP and a few games, plus a lock box that had a bunch of my aunt's personal papers in it (bank statements, social security papers, etc.), so now she has to go and cancel all of her credit cards, banking accounts, the list goes on and on.

The police are pretty sure this was kids, considering all of the things they COULD have stolen, but chose the pretties and a video game console. Whether this person is a child or an adult, I just want you to know something. The things that you stole from my Aunt I can get past, but what I can not forgive you for is stealing my Aunt's "soul". She has always been the strong one, the one who every one else goes to when their world is falling around their ears, the one I knew no matter what would and could make it better. Nothing seemed to scare her, after all she has been through her bravery and courage and strength always flew high like a flag. But after you, I see a different woman, someone who is afraid to go home, someone who sees a giant wall that she is not sure if she can get over, someone who is broken and torn and lost.

Because of that ~ I hope that you do not go unpunished. I hope you lay awake in your bed fretting over whether or not you are going to get caught, what will happen to you, what you're parents will say.............

I hope she gets a chance to look you in the eyes and see there is nothing to be afraid of, just a child that has lost his way.


Laura said...

YIKES! Hope Paris was feeling a little calmer after her day at the spa!!

Having things taken from you is such a violation. Its hard to get over that.

Best wishes to your Aunt and I hope they find who did it!

Try to remember....Karma is a bit*h and it always comes back around

Hol&J said...

J told me what happened yesterday. I'm so sorry! I hope the police are able to find evidence that leads them to the people who did this.

You know I'm not naive about life and the world we live in, but I just can't understand some people's thought process... I guess that's the problem, they just don't think.