Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am Batman....

I was reading over at Lotta's about how some bloggers are hosting a "cyber-like" baby shower for a fellow blogger who is obviously having a boy. I thought how sweet, and after reading through some of the advice from a few other bloggers, Lotta's hit home the most after reading this.

*Will think you are incredibly overprotective when you insist on hovering under your boy child as he climbs up playground equipment. As they are not used to the idea that their children believe they can fly like (insert current superhero fascination here).*

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the school nurse, which for me is nothing new considering my kids' are on a first name bases with her. I am expecting to hear "I have Taylor in my office with a 100.4 fever" or "I have Claire in my office complaining of a headache", and I am not even lying about Claire's illnesses, she once went to the nurse complaining of joint pains! That girl is too much I tell you!!

Anyway, the call actually went like this:

Nurse: Ms.Mom, I have Taylor in my office, it seems he was hurt at recess.

Me: Really? What happened? Is he alright??

Nurse: Yes, he seems fine now but apparently he was on the jungle gym, at the very top and then proceeded to fall and use his face to stop.

Me: What?

Nurse: He is a bit scratched up and his glasses are all out of joint, but he doesn't seem to have broken anything.

Me: Wow. Okay, well that's good I guess.

Nurse: We cleaned up his face but we just wanted to make you aware of his little fall.

Me: Okay, well thanks.

When I got home from work and saw my baby boy's face, it looked like he had been in a fight, and the jungle gym totally whooped his ass!

Boys............ Gotta love 'em!

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Hol&J said...

I'm glad Taylor is okay, even though his face was a bit scratched up.