Monday, May 7, 2007

Can you help?

Go on over to and see if you can help, kay??

*This is a little piece from her post:

As you may, or may not know, Jenn and I are traveling to Swaziland, Africa at the end of the month to volunteer in a hospital in the small town of Manzini for a month. What prompted this??… I’m trying to off-set my carbon-credits with good-Karma-juju credits, thereby allowing me to continue my current global-carbon-polluting ways.
Seriously - I have recently been in contact via email with someone at the hospital, as well as someone at an orphanage nearby. And they are in need of supplies. I am attempting to get donations from VGH ( through the Vancouver General Hospital / UBC Hospital Foundation) for simple items such as diagnostic pen-lights, bone and pleural biopsy needles, and N95 masks ( the masks are for the opportunistic infections coinciding with HIV/AIDS … eg: TB ( see: drug resistant TB on the rise ) Swaziland has the worlds highest HIV/AIDS infection rate (38.8%) life expectancy : male: 31.84 years female: 32.62 years.
70% of the country earns less than $1 American per day (wikipedia)
I am also organizing donations for the orphanage nearby. these kids are orphaned due to the loss of their entire families from HIV/AIDS. they have no family to take them in, and the fortunate ones end up in the orphanage.
SO… my plea…. the orphanage has stated that cash can be used to buy needed supplies in Swaziland, as well as repair the building. A prior volunteer raised a few thousand dollars and they were able to repair the sewage system in the orphanage.
They are in need of preschool toys ( a lot of which can be bought there).
According to Dr. Hynd, they need
1) Cash
2) Used / New Games eg: trivial pursuit, scrabble, etc ( fun yet educational… please have all pieces )
3) Flip flops ( sandals ) for youth ( ages 2 to 15 )
3.5) Cash
4) ? Sports equipment – balls should be deflated for space ( maybe nerf stuff ? ) (I’ve already lined up soccer balls and soccer jerseys )
5) European versions DVDs for kids ( donated DVD player form Europe / having to do with the region code on the DVDs… north American DVDs will not work )
6) did i mention cash ? ( i swear every single penny will go directly to the orphanage )
7) Costco boxes of fruit bars / energy bars ( not sure about importing food stuffs… i’m currently checking on that )
8) toothbrushes, floss
Any other suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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Shauna said...

Sounds exciting. I'm sure any sort of medical supplies (first aid, etc.) would also be helpful.