Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update to WTH Post

I have to tell you guys the reason why it was so ironic yesterday that I got that "spam" email in my yahoo. Shortly before that popped into my mailbox, I had stuck my foot into my big ass mouth with my boss.

To give you an insight into my relationship with my boss, I lovingly refer to her as Hitler and am usually terrified of her.

On that note, a coworker came to me yesterday asking me if I had change for a five. I told him to go and ask Hitler because she always had a ton of dollar bills. Trying to be funny, I then commented how that should make us wonder what her weekend job was. She overheard me and flames shot out of her eyes and almost burnt my eyebrows off. When she asked me what i had said I threw dirt onto the fire by saying I was meaning she was like a waitress on the weekends and that is why she had so many dollar bills.

Moral of the story: Do not joke with someone who used to freak out if the staples were not on the correct side of the paper.


Stephanie said...


Um, ya think she needs a Valium or somethin'?

Hol&J said...

Poor M. She's very stressed. Granted, that doesn't make it right for her to "blow up" like that, but she has a lot of things going on right now.

I hope things improve with everyone.

Chaos Control said...

This boss-woman sounds very scary! Be careful ... and watch your back!

Shauna said...

Watch your back, for sure!

Jennifer said...

Glad Hitler isn't my boss.

Maybe you could bake her some valium brownies...