Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Trivia

No there isn't actually any trivia game going on today, I just liked the title. So sorry if I disappointed anyone...

So this is the last day of school for Claire and Taylor, and let me tell you how very excited they are. They have been counting the days down since October. It worries me that they already beg for school to be over and they are in Pre-k and the 1st grade - yikes. Gives me a nice little look into the future for high school. It is like walking through a minefield when waking these two up. Taylor you either have to tickle him death or just throw him on the floor, Claire has a special game her and Daddy play where he rubs her back in a quick circular motion while saying "get your motor going" and within in a few seconds Claire will fart a few times and Daddy says (uh oh, you're backfiring". I find nothing funny about farting so I just let them do their thing. It amazes me when I pick them up from daycare and they are no longer then crying, snarling, whining monsters but smiling, happy children. I swear, I barely slow down in the daycare parking lot - just open the door and watch 'em roll.

This week has been very hectic for our little family what with all of the end of the year parties, awards ceremonies, and last meeting for Girl Scouts (thank you Lord). Claire got 3 awards this year - one for good citizen, future teacher award, and 210 degree award for her improvement with read. We were very proud of her, I wish I had pictures to share but since my digital never reappeared after the move - we are forced to use either Bryan's cell or buy disposables. Claire was so cute though, she got all excited for each of her little friends that received awards, if not more. She does this adorable happy/excited dance with her arms and jump up and down that I am afraid she has inherited from me. We look like we're gonna fly away when something great happens to us.

Last night was the last meeting for her troop and Taylor and I tried to pass the 2 hour time by playing on the playground, reading, and checking out the other little girls and moms. They are soooo friggin cliquish, it kills me. The girls and their mothers. Honestly, if Claire didn't just love going to these meetings, I so would take her out of Girl Scouts altogether. Their "end of the season" project was making puppets. I am not a huge fan of any kind of puppet, I find them creepy - probably from scary movies I watched as a kid. Claire had a great time putting her little puppet together and I watched some of the other girls who were done and thought, gosh their puppets are ugly - I hope Claire's isn't but no, hers was just as not cute. But she LOVES it! They even had it set up for the girls to put on little shows with their puppets and it really was funny listening to these 6 & 7 year olds use their imaginations. Claire's little group's story was called "Angels, Robber, and Princess". The funniest part was when she was behind the little curtain and making her "puffet" *thats how Taylor says puppet* talk, Taylor turns to me and says "Momma, that sounds just like Twaire!!"! He was amazed to find out it really was his sister!!

Okay so I think I have rambled on long enough. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, something I am sure you all are very aware of. Anyone have any big plans?? Because we're some broke mofos we will be staying home this year. *sigh* Being an adult is hard work something.......

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Chaos Control said...

I'm sorry, but I find the wake up game that daddy plays with Claire simply fabulous!! And very impressive on her part, I might add!