Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Makeover Monday Update

I am a day late on this but hey, it is my blog right?? A few weeks ago I signed up for this because my friend Shauna over at http://passthechocolate.blogspot.com/ totally inspired me to do so. My goal/goals were here http://whocriesoverspilledmilk.blogspot.com/2007/05/make-over-monday-1.html in case you are interested. So did I do any of them??

Well, I really tried with the patience battle and it was going really well for the first couple of days. This past weekend and this week I am have been slacking a bit on it though. I can honestly say though that I am giving it my very best. After the post, we did some family entertainment both weekends!!! I was so proud of myself and our little family. We took them to Traders Village which is this huge ass flea market here in Houston that sells everything from clothes to animals to crap I have never seen in my life. They also have some old carnival-like rides that my two adore. We made it for the few hours we were there without one meltdown, although lots of "mommy, daddy I want that! I want that!" That same evening we took the kids out to the Waller County Fairgrounds where they were having St. Jude's BBQ cook off and they jumped on moonwalks, drank sodas (a huge treat), and had hot dogs and crap to their little hearts delight.

This past Friday we invited some friends over and their rugrats to play cards and allow the children to terrorize our home. Saturday I thought our younguns would die from heart failure when we told them we would be going over to BFF Sheila's apartment complex where we swam and grilled out until the sun went down. Everyone had a great time and no one drowned so I have to say that my Make Over is going pretty swell. Three Cheers For Mommy!! :)


Kevin Charnas said...


And how much do I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE flea markets???

love 'em.

Kevin Charnas said...

that was "three cheers", by the way...just what you ordered. ;)

Stephanie said...

Okay, Kevin beat me to it, but here ya go once again:


Shauna said...

Yay! good for you!!