Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As the World turns....

So, how the hell are you guys? I feel like I should have been on vacation or something but no, sadly just working and doing mama duty. No worries though, I have been taking a few minutes here and there to check up on my favorite blogs. Even though I may not have commented, I was there. :)

Taylor's party was a great hit. He had a wonderful time and got pretty much everything that he had been asking for. He has finally reached that age where clothes do not interest him at all and I cringe at every gift opening - worried about what may come out of his mouth next. The shocked or hurt look on people's faces is this mother's worse nightmare. I still remember taking Claire to a birthday party for some person in our family and they had a buffet of food that old people seem to like to prepare. My then 2 year old daughter took her time going down the tables, then turned around and said loudly "What is this shit?" Oh the looks this mommy got that day. But all in all, my little man had a happy 5th birthday.


I know I have mentioned before that Claire is in Girl scouts. Last year was her first year and she was a cute little Daisy. We signed up later in the year so she missed the whole cookie time so technically, this was her first "real" year. This past weekend was her first cookie sale and she was so excited. Mommy, not so much. First off, Bryan had to work which meant I had to drag Taylor with me. Then Claire acted like a total hellion. It was from 10 - 12 pm and I fed each kid before we left and figured we'd be good to go. Claire was on a roll for about the first 20 minutes and then decided she was bored. Bored then turned into hungry. She picked out a box of cookies that she just had to have and when told no by me, she proceeded to hug this box to her body like it was the last box of cookies on Earth. In my mommy voice for other people around I told her to put the cookies back, we were not buying anymore. Claire then turned into a banshee and I wanted to pretend she wasn't mine. So what did I do? I relented and bought the damn cookies. Not 5 minutes later we're back to being bored and I have begun to use my "death" look on her. I pull her nicely to me and whisper in her ear that we're going to have a talk when we get home. You would have thought I said I am going to rip you from limb to limb when we get home because that was her reaction. She cried so damn loud poor customers were having to yell over my daughter to be heard. It is days like this I have second thoughts about being a mother. We did survive and just in case you are worried, Claire still has all of her limbs.

Speaking of Girl Scouts - I have had mixed feelings about Claire's troop leaders since we joined. I have always felt like an odd mommy out and usually feel like the uncool kid when I do try to participate. Some of these mommies act like their shit don't stink, if you know what I mean. One in particular is the mom that assists the leader. I am sure there is a proper name for this role but right now I can not think of it. It seems like every time I sign up for something to help with, miraculously I am the only fool who shows up because the date has been changed or the time and for some damn reason, she has forgot to send out a new email letting me know. The past few times it has happened to me, each time I would show up for a meeting I felt like the other mothers were staring me down - thinking in their heads that I just suck as a mother. And then I start questioning myself and my Girl Scout attitude. Am I doing enough? Is Claire happy? Why am I not all gung ho to go to these meetings? Why don't I try and befriend another mommy?? But then when I get there, I don't do anything to change it.

The last meeting, as I was sitting at the light I saw the leader's Mommy Helper at the gas station. I saw her lock her handicapped (her daughter is in a wheel chair with braces on her legs) in the van, go inside and get a drink, and then come on back out and unlock the van. Was it mean of me to have a satisfied feeling that hey, even SHE makes mistakes??


min said...

Oh mommiebear2, we need to have a long chat session about being the most inadequate girl scout mommy ever. I took home that trophy. I not only didn't like the parents...I didn't even like the snooty little girls (bad min!). The troop leader acted like I wasn't even there unless I asked a question that was obviously stupid. I started going only when it was mandatory for a parent to attend, but I did still volunteer for some extra duties (cookie booths, fly-up ceremonies, father/daughter crap) and while I kept very quiet...I soon became the one who always came through with the promise to show up. After 15 years of this, they finally like me and I get along with them. So don't'll get easier...someday.

Jenny said...

"What is this shit?" *snort* Sorry. Can't get past that.

Jennifer said...

I've been wondering where you were, my Google reader kept telling me that you had no new posts. Glad your back.

Why can't we Mommy's just get along?! I often feel like I'm in middle school when in a group of women.

It is nice to know that all mom's make mistakes and lock their kids in the car!