Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Lot To Say

Good Morning! How is everyones weekend going so far? This is a big weekend for us. The kids are so excited they got up at the crack of dawn this morning asking if it was time to go. I replied no and for the love of God, please go back to bed.

Thursday night hubby and I went and saw Reba at the rodeo. She is friggin amazing!! She is still and always will be my idol. I beamed with pride as hubby watched her perform and when he said she is really pretty and looks just like she does on tv, I just nodded like a madman and grinned all crazily. You would have thought I was her mom or something. After the concert, we rode some big people rides at the carnival that literally beat the crap out of me. When I woke up Friday morning I had bruises all over my lower back and my feet felt like Big Foot had stomped all over them. It was soooo worth it though.

I had requested off Friday since we usually get in pretty late from all the fun, and I was thanking myself as I got up at 6 to get the kids ready for shcool, dropped them off at daycare still in my Care Bear pj bottoms ( I am sure they would have been screaming their heads off if they were old enough to be embarrased yet) and then immediatly went home and went back to sleep. How nice it was to blink and look at the clock and see 11 am. We spent the day doing errands and stuff arounf the house. I complained all day to hubby (who was also off) that since this was techinally my vacation I really should have a drink with an umbrella in it. He offered to bring me the large on on our patio table. Butt munch.

Last night we pretty much just hung around the house. I had wanted to do movie night after the kids went to bed, but we have NetFlix and we had 2 movies waiting to be watched during the move. I packed them up to make sure they didnt get lost, and well now I cannot find them anywhere. Totally sucks. I am sure they are in the same spot with my camera. After falling asleep on the couch watching 20/20, I awoke this morning after the strangest dream. I dreamed that we purchased house fully furnished with all kinds of extra stuff from And Kevin was so nice - not even yelling or anything as my kids terrorised his doggies and his belongings. I laughed out loud after waking because it seems I not only think about the blogging world in my day too day life, I am also dreaming about it too. Anyway, thanks for the dream Kevin, you rock! And even funnier, this morning Claire was telling me about watching Flushed Away at her grandparents. It had some sort of bonus DVD and she said the slugs were singing "I don't feel like dancing" by the Scissor Sisters. And guess who introduced me to that rocking group, yup - Kevin again!!

Today we're going to take the kids to ride some carnival rides and then head over to my dad's for my sister's welcome home party. She is on a 2 week leave from Iraq. And well tomorrow is Hannah Montana and The Cheetah Girls - which Claire and I will be going to see. Wish me luck!!!!


Jenny said...

Any dream with Kevin is a good dream.

We took Hailey to the carnival this weekend. She freaking loved it.

min said...

You saw Reba! Yea! How was Hannah Montanna?

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, I dream about the blogging world, too.

Stephanie said...

anonymous was me. I goofed.

mommiebear2 said...

Hannah was awesome for Claire - me I was bored and spent most of the time looking at the other bored parents around me.

Kevin Charnas said...


this REALLY cracked me up, thank you.

And glad that I could help.

I'm also glad that the dogs didn't bite your kids. the way, what was I wearing? Something skimpy, I hope.