Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sock Basket

I need some help people. A long time ago, in a far away galaxy - no just kidding but back when the kids were younger and I was totally into the good mommy thing, I would actually match each sock with its pair and then put them in that person's drawer. Then one day a friend told me how his mom had just thrown all socks into a laundry basket and that person needing socks just had to dig through the basket and find the matching socks. Like a game, sorta. A sucky game at that.

Anyway, so I started to do this and I thought woohoo, this really cuts down on laundry time. The snag? Well who do you think hunts for the kids' socks?? Yeah that's right people, ME!! I don't want to play this game anymore. The sock basket has become this giant mess that seems to have come alive. I am pretty sure it tried to eat the dog yesterday mistaking her as a missing black knee high.

So please, could you help a girl out and give me some suggestions on how to handle the sock situation?? Pretty soon I am going to throw out ALL socks and make everyone in our family wear sandals 24/7.


Beccy said...

This is how it works in our family. Husband wears same black cotton socks, easily identifiable, eldest son wears only black sports socks, easily identifiable; daughter wears socks with bobbles or pink or cartoon socks, easily identifiable; youngest son wears same blue sports socks or army green camoflague socks, yes easily identifiable. I know my socks and they are like noone elses so yes they're easily identifiable!

Chaos Control said...

Like Beccy - everyone in our family wears the exact same brand socks. That way, all the husband's white ones match, all my black ones match, etc.

Makes for a bit boring in the sock drawer, but I tend to like it that way!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

We also have sock issues at the Mayhem! I have no idea what becomes of my children's socks! I feel like I buy a new bag of them each time I go to the store!

Have you thought about devoting an entire drawer to them? Certainly won't cut down on the laundry time, but will make them slightly more easy to locate!

We just pair them up, toss them into a drawer, and hope for the best! :)

Jennifer said...

I have no suggestions. Never really thought about it, I guess I'm going to have to add this to my list of upcoming worries.

yerdoingitwrong said...

I have the same problem. I have used the sock basket for most of my adult life and is it ever a source of stress and sometimes I feel like hurling the entire basket out the window and just tossing on flip flops. I love this post. And good suggestions so far....I'll be checking back for more!

The Davis' said...

On white socks you could make a dot or some symbol with a permanent marker on the bottom of the sock.

A blue dot for Taylor, a pink dot for Claire, green dot for Brian, and purple dot for you. (Pick your own colors.)

You could even have different small shape. A circle, square, star, or heart.

You could even do a dash/small stripe at the top of the sock's cuff.

Just some ideas. :)

ktjrdn said...

I threw out all socks and started over with new ones - all the same brand for my kids. Their socks got a marking on the toe - different for each kid. I quickly figured out that didn't work, because I handed down socks, so I started with different sizes got different marks. My husband and I each wear only one brand of socks, so not a problem there.