Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cute Sayings From The Homefront

Man on the radio: There is going to be isolated thunderstorms today.

Taylor: Mom, did you hear that? There's gonna be ice today!!!


Claire: Momma, when we get home can we play in the back yard?

Me: Sure honey.

Claire: Good, I want to ride that seal.

Me: You mean the seesaw?

Claire: Yeah that's it!


Me: I am so excited honey! Reba is tonight!! Woohoo!

Him: Yeah I think I got suckered into this. Hey will Van be there? He is funny.

Me: Honey, Van is on her show. Of course he isn't going to be there, its her concert.

Him: Well the show is called Reba and it has Van on it.

Me: Okay sweetie.


Jennifer said...

Cute! Sounds like my house.

The Davis' said...

Those were funny and very cute. I could see a few other people saying similar things.