Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Taylor Bug!!

Today is a big day in our house! Our little one is turning the big 0-5! I can not believe it and he can barely contain all of his excitement. This morning was probably one of the easiest days of the year to wake him up and get him ready for school. Dad had downloaded a cute Happy Birthday song with little kids singing so that played throughout the house as everyone got ready. At the mention of donuts from Shipley's Taylor was pretty much in the car waiting to leave with underwear and 1 sock on. Claire was not so thrilled and complained all the way out the door how her birthday was not until August and where were her surprises.

The conversation in the car went a little something like this.

Claire: Mom when I die I will go to heaven.

Me: Yes Claire that's right.

Taylor: Uncle Greg died and went to heaven because he was old. And Popop's dad died and went to heaven cause he was old too. Yeah when your old you die and go to heaven.

I am sitting in the front seat driving and wondering where in the world this conversation has come from.

Me: No Taylor Uncle Greg was not old, he died from a car accident. Some times that happens.

Claire: Yeah if somebody killed me Id still go to heaven.

No more watching the news for that girl. This is probably not the time to tell them that their pet turtle Kenny Chesny has also died and gone to heaven over this past weekend.


If somebody in the house other then himself farts, Taylor is quick to tell that person that God does not like farting. No people we did not tell him this - we're not really sure he got it from and what the fascination with God is here lately with the kids. Then last night I heard Claire telling Taylor to pick up his trash because God did not like trash. Alrighty then.


Well I am off to Walmart to pick up some balloons and a cake for the little guy. Happy Birthday Taylor!


Stephanie said...


Haaap-py Biiith-day tooo yooouuuu!
Haaap-py Biiith-day tooo yooouuuu!
Haaap-py Biiith-day deeeaaar Taaaaaayyy-looooooooor!
Haaap-py Biiith-day tooo yooouuuu!


(The turtle's name is Kenny Chesney?! Awesome!!)

Jennifer said...

God doesn't like farts, huh? He must not like me much, then!

The Davis' said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!
You're the big 0-5? Congratulations!