Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No Cookin For You!

This is what Bryan tells me quite often. I am allowed to burn, I mean cook pizza in the oven and microwave meals but that is where he draws the limit. Sometimes I am perfectly fine with that, but other times when I get a get a creative hair up my ass I would like to explore the idea of "whippin" something up.

The kicker is, I make the coffee at my work. I 99% to a good job and have actually had co workers ask me to make a pot which leaves me beaming with pride. But then there was that one time where I forgot to put actual coffee put back into the coffee maker and there was coffee all over the counters and floor. Nice.

Then, this morning I listened for the little beeper thingy to go off so I could grab me a cup of my freshly made coffee (I am not a big coffee drinker-only at work with LOTS of creamer) and as I poured into my cup, all I saw was hot steamy water. Turns out I forgot to put the coffee itself into the filter. Yikes.

So I guess the moral of the story is, No Cookin For Me!!


Jennifer said...

Are you sure you want my eggplant rollup recipe?!

I'll email it to you when I get a chance!

The Davis' said...

Don't feel bad girl! I've left the coffee out before - getting plain, hot water. I even forgot the water once. It beeped and "nada", the coffee grounds were still dry (duh).

That happens when you're going on little sleep, or you don't cook.

No biggie! :)