Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hump Day!

I don't know about ya'll, but I constantly find myself in situations thinking "man I should blog about this". But do I? No. Why you may ask? I'm not really sure. I guess mostly because it will be like driving in the car, or washing dishes, or even maybe at work that this thought pops into my head yet I am not able to just hop onto the computer. Yes, yes I know I am on a computer all day at work, but I really only have time to blog from work if it is really really slow. For instance, this week is slow due to spring break and I am loving it! Plus the weather outside is all stormy and dreamy like so who the hell wants to work in that anyway? So I have decided that this post is going to be a little bit of all of the things I have "thought" about posting, just all mushed together like a pj and j sandwich made by my almost 5 year old.

On that topic, Taylor is turning 5 years old on the 22nd. I cannot believe it! Yes of course I know ALL children get older, but this special baby was my 1 pound 8 ouncer that the doctors and nurses said would never make it. That at almost 24 weeks basically there wasn't a chance in hell my baby would ever see a 1st birthday, let alone a 5 year old one. Instead of picking out baby clothes I was told to start picking out a casket. It was a lot for a 25 year old "girl" with a not even 2 year old daughter and a louse for a husband to be going through, but by God we did it! So Chuck E Cheese here we come. We had his party there last year but he wasn't quite into the "hell yeah it is MY birthday" as he is this year. Last year I had signed up to have a party coordinator and afterwards I swore I would never do that again. Normally we just go to Chuckee's and kinda do our own thing. You know, order some pizzas, bring our own cake but that was back when I was a single mom and seriously financially strapped. With buying the party pack you get this "helpful" coordinator, pizza, ice cream, cake, and party bags. The thing is, they have you on such a strict schedule to do all of the partying I found myself completely stressed out more then if I had done it all by myself. After having a year to recoup, I signed up again for the damn party package forgetting all about the Nazi like coordinator waiting for me when I get to the table. The things we do for our kids right?

I know I have told yall about our zoo before? We cant help it, my entire family loves animals! Binx is basically my husband's cat. We actually got him for Claire for her birthday last year, but he formed this bond with Bryan immediately - and Bryan with him. On the 1st we took Binx to the vet to get him neutered and get his rabies shot. He is only about 7 months old but we can tell he is going to be a large cat. The great thing about him is he allows the kids to carry him around like a rag doll, be pushed around in doll strollers, and laid on like a big black pillow. He is a very sweet cat. We had to get him fixed because upon moving into our new house, he started spraying. And God what a smell that was! Needless to say Binx became a strictly outdoors kitty due to his horrible stench. So we got him back all drugged up that same day from the vet and we kept him in the garage that evening so he wasn't out and about. By the next day he was back to his normal self but still off limits to the house since the vet said 3 months before his "stink" would be completely gone. On the 9th I came home for lunch and as I was coming inside, I noticed Binx outside hobbling around. Bryan came out to say hello and I pointed out the cat's lame leg. We both thought at first he had been hit by a car. Bryan took him to the vet and 200.00 later, it turns out Binx had been in a fight with another cat a few weeks ago and gotten bit on the leg. The bite closed up and then got infected. We now have a half shaven cat limping around our house whom we have to practically calf tie to shove a pill down his throat. It is the highlight of our evenings let me tell you.

My friends, I could go on and on and on until you probably all would move on to another much more exciting blog but you know what, I enjoy doing this. I want you all to know more about me and my every day life. So here is a heads up my peeps -- run for the hills!!

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